Hidden Shortcuts – SSH Shell

Most of keyboard shortcuts can be found from SSH Shell’s main menu. Moreover, SSH Shell also provides some de facto standard shortcuts already in Terminal.app to make you more productive.


⇧ ⌘ → Switch to next shell
⇧ ⌘ ← Switch to previous shell


⌘ + Click-and-Drag Select non-contiguous selections
⌥ + Click-and-Drag Select block regions
⌥ ⌘ + Click-and-Drag Select non-contiguous block regions

Caret Positioning

⌥ + Click Move to the position of mouse pointer
⌥ ← Move one word left
⌥ → Move one word right
⌃ A Move to the beginning (Home)
⌃ E Move to the end
⌘ ← Move to the beginning of line
⌘ → Move to the end of line

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