Help with a 'how to' compared to SSH Tunnel

(Andy Cory) #1

Hi - I’ve been using SSH Tunnel to establish a dynamic port forward to a Bastion server on AWS, and then a second tunnel to the target server using the first tunnel as a SOCKS5 proxy. Can I do the same with Core Tunnel? I haven’t succeeded so far.

In SSH tunnel, my first tunnel to the Bastion looks like this:

My second tunnel like this:

I’ve reproduced the first tunnel in Core Tunnel with the dynamic port forward, and that works OK. I can then successfully start the second tunnel in SSH Tunnel, but can’t work out how to reproduce the second tunnel in Core Tunnel. Can anyone help?

(Yang.Y) #2

In Core Tunnel, you do not need to use HTTPS/SOCKS proxy for host jumping, use “Proxy Jump” option instead:

(Donovan C Young) #3

My problem is that the private key for bastion host is different than the private key for the destination host, hence the need for a SOCKS proxy.

Unless there’s a way to specify a separate key for the bastion host like I can in an .ssh/config file (via two host entries)?

(Yang.Y) #4

We just released version 1.1.2, adds support for using system default ssh_config. Go to Preferences…, Locations and set Configuration to System, then Core Tunnel will use your ~/.ssh/config as in command line.

(Donovan C Young) #5


Works great, thank you.