Help: create simple port forward between 2 machines with internal IP's behind external IP's

(Apologies for the rookie question. Happy to upgrade to premium support for this.)

I am trying to connect 2 machines through the same port. Both machines are behind separate routers with external IP’s, and I can’t access either router.

I want to create an SSH tunnel for port 15000 between these two machines. Each machine has an internal IP address, and is behind a router with an external IP address. (Not a domain name.)

It seems like Core Tunnel can do this, but I don’t know how. Would really appreciate any help.


You can’t have two machines in separated intranet have connected with each other, unless you add a NAT rule on any one of your routers.

An alternative way is introducing a bastion host, machine A opens a remote port forwarding on bastion host, then machine B could connect to the forwarded port on bastion host.

Thanks Yang! Appreciate the fast reply.

My pleasure :wink: feel free to post if you have further questions.

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