Had Premium paid for a working, now unable to restore

(Nick) #1

Don’t understand why I would need to restore, but when asked, I’m told the installed package is corrupt and needs to be reinstalled. I’ve done that, to no avail. What’s next?

(Yang.Y) #2

There is a bug in the Gatekeeper of macOS, please just remove Core Tunnel.app and install it from App Store again, don’t worry, your user data still there after reinstallation.

(Nick) #3

Hello Yang,

I have done that by deleting the App via Applications, to no avail. Is there another step required?

Nicholas Hayes


(Yang.Y) #4

Just delete and reinstall, no more. Could you please locate to the folder /Applications/Core Tunnel.app/Contents/_MASReceipt, and see whether there is a receipt file?

(Nick) #5

I do see a receipt file.

Nicholas Hayes


(Yang.Y) #6

Could you please try restore the purchases in Preferences window again?