Global settings for UpdateHostKeys and ForwardAgent


Thanks. I tried this option early without any changes in behavior, and there is no Global option for UpdateHostKeys. I'm not happy to edit each host settings - ssh-keygen -R host can be faster to resolve a problem.

Can you add a Global var UpdateHostKeys and Forward Agent to use as default?

UpdateHostKeys=ask works
but it's still require going to host settings and set this value (empty by default)

I split your post into a new topic so that we can track it as a feature request.

We may add a standalone preference tab for all advanced options, how fast it will be implemented depends on how many users vote it up.

Thank you for your suggestion :smiley:

It was by default in the you previous SSH client without any votes, I believe)

That's true, I agree. But Core Shell tries to keep consistent with OpenSSH, and for security reasons, OpenSSH disables ssh auth agent and reject all remote host which identification has changed.

Even we add a standalone preference tab for all advanced options eventually, user still have to set UpdateHostKeys and ForwardAgent explicitly, for security reasons of course.

It's not about security - but about usability.
Especially when you hide all useful info and display only
➤ [Abnormal Disconnect Sep 14, 2019 at 11:29:30 PM]
in the console.

You thinking user must discover a problem, but you can (you should) display a warning with available choose of possible actions.

Press ⌘ I (or select Shell -> Show Inspector from main menu) could reveal all hidden information.

Yes, I found this, but why it hidden?)

It was better with recent version

Print connection log into terminal is intuitive, but it has some drawbacks:

  1. The terminal could be full of nonsense logs while a host is unreachable (keep retrying every 3 seconds). You may find yourself depressed if you try to backtrack important output before disconnection.
  2. Colorless, hard to find critical information.
  3. If log level is set to DEBUG2 or lower, ssh actually emit logs constantly (items start with debug2 and debug3 in above screenshot). Debug log must be forced to be silent after host is connected, otherwise the terminal output will be polluted.

A standalone inspector popover solves above problems, and it is extendable, we can reveal more information users concerned by sort (without read through all the log items).