Get error messages on restoring

I'm not sure it's a App Store problem. I get error messages in Core Tunnel.
Already deleted it completely and reinstalled. No use as I get the same message again and again, followed by:

"The operation could be completed (SwiftyStoreKit.ReceiptError error 1.)"

I did a test with following steps:

  1. Switch to foreign store (e.g. Germany)
  2. Click “Restore Purchases” button, and it shows me the error: “The operation could be completed (SwiftyStoreKit.ReceiptError error 1.)”
  3. Then I delete the Core Tunnel in Application
  4. Switch back to local store
  5. Download and install Core Tunnel
  6. Launch the app again
  7. Click “Lifetime License” button
  8. Everything work as it is

I guess there might be some wrong after switching between stores.

That didn’t work for me either. I even cleaned out the appstore caches, but to no avail.

Weird enough… sorry for the problem :frowning: I will send you a redeem code for 1-year premium license, let’s wait for more similar cases to find out the common elements.

I try to purchase the lifetime version, but it gives me an error that I need to change stores. However, that doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas?

Thanks for considering :heart:
I just did a quick test, and seemed works. According to my own experiences, Mac App Store is not that reliable as supposed to, sometimes I need to restart computer to finished the purchase.

Even after a reboot, no success.

I did some search on such problem, and find no relate results. But I took a look at Apple’s developer dashboard, and it shows some successful lifetime license payments.

So I guess it’s very likely a glitch of Mac App Store, did you have tried contact Apple for support?