From setapp -> apple store version

I canceled my setapp subscription, since core shell was one of the few applications that I actually used. Now I have the issues that I'm missing all my hosts :frowning: - the setapp version is still installed, but not active, so I can not do a normal export. Are there anyway I can get my hosts into my "normal" version?

You can recover your hosts through a raw method, be careful when operating your data:

  1. Quit Core Shell apps
  2. Create a backup directory:
    mkdir -p ~/Documents/CoreShellDataBackup
  3. Backup Setapp and App Store version of Core Shell respectively:
    cp -R ~/Library/Containers/\ Support/ ~/Documents/CoreShellDataBackup/
    cp -R ~/Library/Containers/\ Support/ ~/Documents/CoreShellDataBackup/
  4. Make sure data are copied to ~/Documents/CoreShellDataBackup correctly.
  5. Recover your Setapp version data to "normal" version
    rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/\ Support/
    cp -R ~/Library/Containers/\ Support/ ~/Library/Containers/\ Support/
  6. Relaunch Core Shell and check your entires.
  7. Delete ~/Documents/CoreShellDataBackup once you are confident all profiles are imported correctly.

Let me know whenever you need assistance.

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I avoided issues like this by storing all my ssh configurations in ~/.ssh/config like the example below.

Host arm1
User opc
Port 22
IdentityFile /Users/mfransso/.ssh/personal/id_rsa

I can then just reference this in Core Shell by it's name

I can use the arm1 reference in any terminal or in other apps like Core Tunnel or Forklift.

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