Forwarded ports for different servers change themselves to match

Every time I enter the forwarded ports in a server, it changes the forwarded ports in all servers to match the new one. I can't have different servers forwarding to different ports.

Brendan, I'm sorry about the issue.

Which macOS version you're running? Was it the first time run Core Tunnel? Could you please paste some screenshots to visualize the problem?


I'm having the same issue. I have multiple tunnels configured. When I change one dynamic config it changes them all. Then someone start because the port is already in use. Its seems quite random.
Everything was fine until I upgraded to Big Sur.
To recreate;
Create tunnel A. Use dynamic port forwarding bind to :1084
Create tunnel B. Use dynamic port forwarding bind to :1085
Review tunnel A and its referencing port :1085
Edit tunnel A back to 1084. Check tunnel B and it is also now on 1084.

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I've reproduced this issue, will fix it ASAP.

Thanks a lot for the steps :heart:

Core Tunnel version 2.6 is released today, the issue should has been fixed, please do the upgrade and give it a try.

@Brendan_Gifford @gpretlove thank you all for reporting the issue.

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