Font Weight

I'm wondering if it's possible to add an option for selecting the weight of the font. The regular version of some fonts are lighter, and this makes them look really thin on Core Shell. It'd be nice if alongside the font size, there'll be an another option for selecting the weight of the font as well.

Core Shell uses slimmer variant of a font to draw terminal text, mainly because most of fixed with fonts shipped with system are too thick compared to non-fixed width fonts, and that make terminal look crowded.

Which font are you using? Could you please take a screenshot of that font?


I understand your reasoning but I think you should provide an option. You cannot be sure what your users' preference are, some might have difficulty seeing the thiner font, or be overwhelmed by the bolder one. It's essentially an accessibility problem. One option doesn't fit all. That being said, the font I'm using is Operator Mono, and you can see it in the screenshot below. Also, keep in mind that while this might look fine in your screen or the screenshot, it might not look fine in all screen resolutions, or monitors. I'm using a 4K monitor and the font looks even thiner on the screen.

Can't agree more, thanks a lot for the suggestion, will add a new option in next update release.


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Version 2.0 added a new preference to disable thin strokes for text rendering, this feature request will be closed.