Feature Request - Upload Last File again

As a developer, given that I spend much of my day editing the same file repeatedly, I want to be able to right-click in a Core Shell window and choose "Upload Last File Again" (perhaps showing the filename) (perhaps a Touch Bar button too?) so that my workflow is improved and I am more productive.

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There is a restart action in Downloads / Uploads context menu, is that what you need?

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Sorry, no - I mean my workflow is like this...

  1. Download file from server.
  2. Edit in my favourite Mac tool.
  3. Upload to server.
  4. Test.
  5. Edit again.
  6. Upload to server.
    and so on - many uploads of the same file after changing it and testing.
    I would think others would find this useful...

You might also consider using tools like Forklift, Mountain Duck or ExpanDrive that can mount an ssh host as a drive in the Finder for drag and drop and direct editing of files. The same goes for Visual Studio Code, free. Edit a remote file as if it was local. If you manage your ssh connections in ~/.ssh/config these tools also support those aliases.


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This is how I setup Visual Studio Code to edit any file on a linux instance in the cloud as if it was a local file on my mac. It really works.

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Thanks, @mikael.fransson - much food for thought there. I'll certainly look into this.

I still think "Upload file again" would be a useful feature moving forwards though.

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Thanks! I did what you're doing initially. Then I started using Forklift and Mountain Duck and while they work they are sensitive to the connection status. Visual Studio Code have none of these issues. The remote file you edit is cached locally and synced in the background. Not really noticeable. For your use case this is what I do now and at times I have spent much time editing remote files.

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Thanks, @mikael.fransson.