Extra Characters when Copy/Pasting


When connected to remote or local sessions and then when I try to copy/paste extra characters are being added.

For example:


michaels-ipro:~ mweissman


00~michaels-ipro:~ mweissman01~

Re-launching the application does not resolve the issue.

Please let me know any other suggestions.


Hi Mike, I'm sorry for the problem, disable Bracketed Paste Mode should fix this issue, please disable it by executing :

echo $'\e[?2004l'

Does system Terminal.app have this issue?

Thanks for the response, that resolved the issue.

No, the issue was not present in Terminal.app.


Thanks a lot for reporting the issue, I'll try to reproduce the issue.

I have the same issue but echo $'\e[?2004l' does not help. This only happens in Core Tunnel not in Core SSH.

Core Tunnel? Do you mean Core Shell?

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