Edit known_hosts removed?


It seems in the latest version the option to edit known hosts from Preferences>>Locations has been removed?

I know we can sort this via directly editing the file which I have just done but this was a really useful editor.

Why is it removed? Can it be re-added?


Paul Nesbitt

The editor option provided very little value, but occupied a considerable space in Preferences.

I think what you need is not editor, but edit. May I ask why you have to edit known hosts frequently? Personally, I rarely touch known hosts file after accepted the host keys deliberately.

I am currently migrating 100's of cPanel servers to new infrastructure and when I go to connect to the new server once migrated (to the same IP as it was originally) I encounter this.

It's a shame it was removed as it was very handy and was only an extra tab but thanks for the explanation I will just have to edit the file manually.