"Download file" not working after `sudo` in remote host


When using the "Reporting Current working directory" option, Download/Upload works fine with the default user, but when I do sudo su I can't download files that are not owned by the "initial" user.

Specifically, I'm logged in as ec2-user and after sudo I can download the ec2-user's files, but if I move to a different directory, if the file is owned by root I can't download it.

Also, the folder that is reported on the Shell menu ("Upload to...) is the folder I was on when I did "sudo".

I thought about running the "report CWD script" again under root, to see if that got the system working but the option is grayed out and "active"

The system:
Core Shell 2.2
Amazon Linux 2


Upload/ download actually utilize SFTP protocol, you could not transfer files since you always login to remote host by the "initial" user, not the root user.

And it is still true even if you could running the "report CWD script" again under root.

I'd recommend you make a copy of the folder, and change its ownership to "initial" user.