Does Core Shell can use ~/.ssh/config


I want to ask is the Core Shell currently support to use ~/.ssh/config? If so, how can I use it? Thanks.

Yes, please follow this guide:

Thanks, I changed the two options to "System." But, the hosts that I added in the "~/.ssh/config" before didn't show up in the "Hosts" list. I'm using Core Shell, and there is no "install helper" pop-up during the process.

Core Shell can not list your host names in ~/.ssh/config automatically, but it can use the directives configured. Take an example, if you have a host in configuration file:

Host server1
     User nixcraft
     Port 4242
     IdentityFile /nfs/shared/users/nixcraft/keys/server1/id_rsa

Then you can simply create a host like this:

Every matched directives in the configuration will take effect on connection, you are not need to configure directives in Core Shell.

In summarize, you have to create a host in Core Shell but no need to configure it again.

Thanks, solved. After I enter the "Host" and "User", it works.

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