Crash Report

Hi Yang.

Just had a crash. Report attached
CoreShell Crash Report.txt (109.6 KB)
, hope it helps.

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Hi Jonathan, thank you for the crash, will investigate this issue.

BTW: do you have reproduce steps? Which executable were you using when you experienced the crash issue?



My workflow is CodeRunner-GitHub Desktop-CoreShell-Safari- and repeat. I think it was CodeRunner.


Core Shell_2021-10-07-225806_MM-GAR-M1-8.crash (105.1 KB)
as well some other crash without any user interaction (it crashed in the background - window just vanished while working on something else)

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anther crash while using crontab -e (implementing vim)
Core Shell_2021-10-14-012933_MM-GAR-M1-8.crash (103.6 KB)

Thank you Alex, I'm investigating this issue.


Core Shell_2021-10-17-152523_MM-GAR-M1-8.crash (105.2 KB)
while trying to start vim