Could not renew license: In-app purchase is not supported


I can't seem to renew my licence! I just get a message saying "In-app purchase is not supported. Device licensed app does not support in-app purchase."

Hi Matt, I'm sorry for the problem. Which license did you trying to renew? Could you please attach a screenshot of failure dialog?


I am experiencing a similar issue when I attempt to renew a 1-Year Premium License from Preferences > Go Premium > Additional License.

@matt.hartley @JFH I did a search, and find this thread on Apple Support Communities.

It's very likely a problem of App Store or latest macOS 10.14.6 update. Please try with the suggestion in above thread:

The only thing that seems to make it work is deleting the app completely and reinstalling it from the App Store again.


I did suspect that may resolve it, I've got 18 tunnel's configured with various rules though... Will I have to recreate them all if I delete the App?

You will get them back if Sync was enabled before your license timed out. In general, all your host configurations should keep untouched after reinstallation.

Just to be safe, I recommend you backup these directories before reinstall Core Tunnel:

~/Library/Group\ Containers/

Please don't forget to delete the backups after reinstallation.

Fantastic! I'm up and running again. Thanks for your help! :smiley:

I'm an app developer myself and use Core Tunnel on a daily basis! Top app!


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