CoreTunnel navigation UI missing drag & drop to reorder Tunnel list

Hello, I'm a long time user of SSH Tunnel, recently migrating to CoreTunnel. I love both apps, and especially like the native OpenSSH ssh-agent support in CoreTunnel. However, I noticed a UI feature is missing since the older app "SSH Tunnel".

I figured I should ask given that this feature was available in SSH Tunnel. In SSH Tunnel's tunnel list pane, we used to be able to drag & drop a tunnel item to re-order and sort the list.

However, CoreTunnel seems to be missing this feature. Is it possible to port this feature over to the CoreTunnel UI?


Hi James, thank you so much for supporting our work!

Core Tunnel automatic sorting tunnels, and I feel it very handy for lazybones like me :smiley:

May I ask why drag & drop re-order is important for you?

Thank you again,


Mainly the reasoning for custom sorting of tunnels is for ease of glancing at the window and seeing immediately which tunnels are connected / disconnected (I have somewhat spacial memory). I also developed a bit if muscle memory for clicking on the top tunnel when my remote server was timing out, or testing sshd_config settings on the remote server & re-connecting a tunnel quickly via double click

James, thanks a lot for sharing your usage habits, will consider add drag & drop reordering in future release.

I can't tell you the deadline, but obviously it's on the wish list.

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