coressh.TunnelHelper - extreme CPU usage, can't kill

Recently I've observed the coressh.TunnelHelper service consuming 100 to 200% CPU usage. My Core Tunnel app is not running. When I try to kill or force kill - it won't die. Also trying to "sudo kill -9 1234" (whatever PID), it won't die. I've not seen a service that was "unkillable" on MacOS - that's new to me.

I have to save all my work, close all my apps, and reboot. Then it's gone. For a while. Then eventually starts going nuts again.

I'm running Catalina 10.15.7 with ... I THINK ... Core Tunnel 2.6 - I can't find definitively in the app any version number.

It seems you have two copies of Core Tunnel installed:

Please remove one of them and keep the copy which locates at /Applications directory. You can find the locations of the app by double clicking on the process, and go to "Open Files and Ports"

Two or more copies of the app may compete the resource and one of them may fall into abyss.

If above step still not solve the problem, try uninstall the app and reinstall it

Kindly Regards,