Core Tunnel with feature like SShuttle


(Steven) #1

Would be great if this Core Tunnel could support something like SShuttle.

(Yang.Y) #2

I think Core Tunnel and sshuttle have different audience.

sshuttle wants to be a VPN replacement, and doesn’t involve port forwardings. While Core Tunnel is actually a port forwarding manager…

(Steven) #3

Just a thought…Or maybe building another app similar to that of sshuttle that has GUI and CLI as well…? :smiley:

(Yang.Y) #4

I will reinvestigate it if we decide to launch Core Proxy :wink:

(Steven) #5

Awesome! :v::+1::ok_hand:

(Richard Bukovansky) #6

I thought you would follow with my request to merge SSH/Core Proxy to Core Tunnel… :thinking: