Core Tunnel shows connected status after Amazon EC2 server shutdown


(michael) #1

We are maintaining a reverse ssh tunnel to an amazon ec2 host. Parameters

ssh -T -N -i ~/.ssh/amazon/id_rsa -v -R 8022:localhost:22 -o ConnectTimeout=10 -o ExitOnForwardFailure=yes -o GatewayPorts=yes -o ServerAliveCountMax=3 -o ServerAliveInterval=12 -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -o TCPKeepAlive=no …

If we stop the amazon ec2 instance Core Tunnel still shows “connected” status. A normal ssh login shell connection from our mac shows immediate termination after we stop the ec2 instance.

(Yang.Y) #2

We will check this issue, thank you for reporting.

(Yang.Y) #3

This issue should has been fixed in 1.0.

(Yang.Y) #4