Core Tunnel Setting and Time Machine

Hi, I recently restored my entire machine using OSX Time Machine. However, when I opened Core Tunnel, all my Tunnels were gone (I restored to a point in time that was after I added the tunnels). Is this expected behavior? Are these settings somehow excluded from Time Machine?


No, it's not an expected behavior.

Core Tunnel persists its configuration in a local SQLite storage file, so we can identify the problem by simply checking the SQLite file.

Please download and install DB Browser for SQLite, then open ~/Library/Containers/io.coressh.tunnel/Data/Library/Application Support/io.coressh.tunnel/CoreSSH.sqlite in the tool, if the sqlite file was restored properly, you should see some records in "ZPROFILE" table like this:

If the table is empty, please restore a fresh copy of the sqlite file from Time Machine, and check the fresh sqlite file by using DB Browser for SQLite.

Thanks for the response. I was able to check the database stored in the backup and it was empty! I really don’t understand why because I know Core Tunnel was setup and functional on the date I checked.


Could you please create some tunnels in Core Tunnel, and check the sqlite file again? If the ZPROFILE table is not empty, then the problem was definitely in the process of backing up.