Core Tunnel - search function crashes app

I am using the latest Core Tunnel version available on the app store on macOS BigSur version 11.0.1.

When I try to use the search function to search for specific tunnels one of two things usually happens.

  1. There is no search result, the app basically ignores it.
  2. The app just crashes.

This is the latest crash report that I have received from the app (it does not fit in this message body):

Crash report in google docs format.

Hi Alex,

I just requested to access your shared google docs, please approve.

Thanks a lot for reporting the issue.


Sorry for the late reply, I was out of office and did not have access to the doc. I have granted you access now.

Thank you.

I have set to work on this issue, will try to fix it in next update, thank you again for the crash log.