Core Tunnel Performance


I have been using CoreTunnel for a while now and I am very happy with it!

However I have a question: I have been using 4 tunnels with portforwarding/reverseportforwarding and socks5 enabeld. My understanding is that coretunnel uses openssh under the hood. What type of performance should I expect from the tunnels that run through the CoreTunnel? Similar to the openssh ones (when launching them from the command line)? Can I measure that?


You can measure it with tools like iperf3, How to use iPerf3 to test network bandwidth

It should be no difference from a command line launch.

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Core Tunnel launches io.coressh.openssh or io.coressh.openssh.sandboxed processes in background to handle ssh connections, these processes are actually XPC components of OpenSSH.

Theoretically, Core Tunnel and OpenSSH have same level of performance.