Core Tunnel not loading my ssh config


So, I feel like I've followed all the instructions, but Core Tunnel isn't loading in my ~/.ssh/config settings.

I just downloaded Core Tunnel, so I'm on v2.5.1

I've installed the helper (although, I'm not sure how I would confirm this).

My config file starts:

Include ~/.ssh/config.d/ahana

  User git
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Neither my github connection nor anything in my ahana file is showing up.

Did I miss something? My expectation is that each of my defined Hosts would show up. Are my expectations wrong?


I also tried

Include /Users/danrumney/.ssh/config.d/ahana

but that didn't appear to make a difference

It will not load or import the entries but you can refer to them by name.

I have an alias in my ssh/config file named caddy and this is how I use it:

Host caddy
	User ubuntu
	IdentityFile ~/.ssh/ssh-key-2020-08-05.key
	HostName x.x.x.x

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Did I miss something in the docs about this? I like to consider myself an attentive reader, but I must have missed this if it's in there.

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Maybe it's a bit unclear, I asked the same question a while back:-)