Core Tunnel installs on OSX Catalina but not the required helper update


I have a computer on Catalina (10.15.7) and Core Tunnel 3.6 update was available and installed correctly however, 3.5 helper won't install: ‘You have macOS 10.15.7. The application requires macOS 11.4 or later'


I have the same problem here. Running on Mac OS X Catalina (10.5.7), got a notification to update the "Core Shell" app, which I did.
Not I cannot use it because the core Helper require a minimum version of MacOS 11.4 or later.
Can you make a patch for the people who are still on Mac OS X catalina?
Or how can I downgrade to the previous version, that worked fine?

@maxaudet @novusteck That's a mistake, I just made an update, please download Core Helper Installer 6.6 and try it.

I'm sorry about inconvenience, and thank you for reporting.

Kindly Regards,


It works for me, thank you.

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Works for me too, thanks!!

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