Core Tunnel: cannot reinstall

I had to uninstall Core Tunnel to work around the Apple Store issue that is preventing in-app purchases. I uninstalled by the official Launchpad uninstall method. Now the App Store will not let me install, it just hangs. First I just get what looks like a download icon:

Then if I click, it hangs with a spinning circle. (I am a new user and cannot attach more than one image.)
I've restarted and tried again but no change. Any ideas how to fix this?

Here is installation hanging:

In the meantime I use CLI for my tunnels. I guess Apple isn't interested in fixing this.

App Store go a little cramps at times, you can try suggestions in this article:

Thank you for the suggestions, I tried all of those things and I got as far as being able to click Get then Install and it still hangs. I don't know where to go from here other than try this process again in a couple of days. I don't suppose you offer a direct install since the purchases are in-app? It seems Apple store problems can really hurt your business.

I tried to access a previous install through the app store and get this:

Even though my internet is otherwise working and even the rest of the app store seems to work. Perhaps by attempting a download I am trying to connect to a server that is having a problem. So I will need to debug this. Still, is there a direct install option available to bypass Apple store problems?

Yes, that's really problematic, I've received serval purchasing / restoring issue reports actually were caused by App Store.

App Store is the exclusive distribution channel at this moment, the only thing I can do is pray Apple can stabilize their infrastructures.

I just sent you a personal message that includes a download link for latest version of Core Tunnel with Premium features unlocked. Please use that binary before Apple fix the issue.


Yang, thank you very much. I also tried other methods I found on other help sites and nothing worked.
Now I am back to normal and my configuration was retained. I'll buy a license whenever the issue is resolved unless you have some other direct payment method.

Good to hear that, and thank you for your support!