Core Tunnel 1.2 - combination with yubikey stopped working


Pre 1.2:
ssh key on yubikey - ssh tunnel works fine

today with 1.2
ssh with key on yubikey - no problem
core tunnel: tunnel not established, message: “Permission denied (publickey).”

(Yang.Y) #2

Do you have Helper tool installed? And detailed log is appreciated:

(Yang.Y) #3

Does your tunnel has “Proxy Jump” option enabled?


Proxy Jump is not enabled

(Yang.Y) #5

I’ve reproduced the bug, and please use this hot-fix version temporarily:

Core Tunnel.1.2-hotfix

Will push it to App Store ASAP.

Thanks for reporting!


Fix is working here.

(Yang.Y) #7

The hot-fix release (version 1.2.1) has arrived in Mac App Store, please do the upgrade.

Sorry for the glitch!