Core Tunnel 1.0

Release Notes

The initial public release, feature list:

  • Compatible with OpenSSH
  • Integrated with macOS Keychain
  • Automatic reconnect
  • Advanced config editor
  • Status icon in menu bar
  • Custom tags
  • Importing and exporting


  • “Core Tunnel” -> “Check for Updates” from main menu
  • or download DMG

The 33% discount on the website isn’t working. Is there a coupon code we have to provide?

That was a mistake, the discounted rate is working now, no coupon code is needed.

Hi Yang, be bought two copies of Core Tunnel before the app was moved to the App Store. Our version 1.0.0 is not updating to 1.0.3. How do we get the updates for the direct download version? Do we have to use the app store version? If yes how do we switch?

Despite the version number 1.0.3, the AppStore version of Core Tunnel actually is not as functional as version 1.0.

Once Core Tunnel (AppStore) version as functional as version 1.0, all current purchased 1.0 licenses will be transferred to Lifetime Premium Licenses unconditionally.