Core Tunnel 1.0-beta3

Release Notes

This will be the last beta for version 1.0 if no critical issues found.


  • Able to select used identity file paths from dropdown list (@mlist)
  • You can set a custom configuration file (ssh_config(5)) in Preferences… (@michael)


  • The default value of StrictHostKeyChecking for imported tunnel should be ask (Brandon Martella)


  • Could not detect remote ssh server down (@michael)


  • “Core Tunnel” -> “Check for Updates” from main menu
  • or download DMG

Will there be autostart on boot option before final?

As I've explained, add login item in “System Preferences…” is the recommended way:

Is there any specific reason to add an autostart switch in Core Tunnel's preferences?

Never mind. I must of missed it in previous post. I just added per your suggestion.