Core Tunnel 1.0-beta2

Release Notes

Core Tunnel (Premium) is now available for pre-order, all of Kickoff Program members will soon receive a mail with early bird discount.



  • Redesigned new status icon, do you like it?
  • Fine-tuned status view pane


  • Incorrect forwarding parameters validation
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • “Core Tunnel” -> “Check for Updates” from main menu
  • or download DMG

That’s awesome… though underserved :joy:

I like the new icon.

I did send email about this already. But I think it will be better to report issues and request here

Issue in Beta 2. After starting Core Tunnel I get prompted with Window to enter Key. I already did this before.
Request for Beta 3. Please add autostart to settings. This was the case in SSH Tunnel

Thanks a lot! For the first issue, will fix it in next beta.

For the second one, add a login item in "System Preferences…" is the recommended way.

Hi there,

I just had the time to have a look at the app, and one thing I noticed was that the contrast color (green on this picture) doesn't allow to see with ease the parameters hints colors. At least for me it's not that clear.

Also, something I've seen in another app is really great and clear from my point of view, cause I often forget in which direction those things are connecting. In the following image, it's clear which provides the service (it's even named following the port number you enter) and where it connects to.

Voilà, I hope these pictures can inspire you, and that maybe you'll provide some simiilar feature, I think that would be nice to have for the kind of price tag you ask.

Have all a nice day !

Thank you for the inspiration!

SSH Tunnel has similar diagram for a long time, but at the cost of quick edit – every time you modify a port forwarding, you have to edit it in another window. That’s inconvenient for skilled users.

I’m obviously not defending the current solution, we need more time to find out a balanced way.

Could not reproduce the issue, but I’ve found a similar bug report on Paddle’s Mac Framework (Paddle is our checkout service provider).

Could you please restart your Mac again, and see if Core Tunnel still ask for license key?

I did exited and restarted few times and I do not see it. Looks this might be related to initial statup


I already replied in thread about your question.

But I have another one that I want to ask you in this email.

I am looking for good resource/book about implementing secure SSL TCP sockets for my applications.

I have something going but I am not too versatile in LibreSSL or OpenSSL. Are you?

My language of choice is C++. I did google for this topic but I can’t find a really good articles about this subject

How to enable only most secure protocols, how to make it as secure a possible. Best practices.

If you know any resources let me know


@rjgebis I’ve sent to you a mail to discuss about this topic, please check.