Core Shell - set remote path

Hi there,
I would like to set the remote path when I connect directly to a specific path, on linux I am used to use the extra arg, on some other mac app there is the remote path field.
On Core Shell can't find how to. I am trying these: -t "cd /srv/www/sites/current/; bash --login"
Do you have any idea?
Many thanks for your help and support.
Have a good day.

Please try set RemoteCommand option to cd /srv/www/sites/current/; bash --login:

Hi there,

Thank you for your quick reply. It's working well with writing: "cd /srv/www/sites/current/; bash --login".
It should be documented somewhere because it's not a standard usage and writing.

Also, would you consider a field on the main General tab for this? because it's a pretty common feature on other SSH clients and even the ancestor “SSH Shell“.