Core Shell 2.0 – Zsh support and more

[Version 2.0.2] - 2020-03-29

This hotfix release is for repairing corrupted sync data may have been damaged by version 2.0.

Special thanks to Mikael Fransson (@mikael.fransson) for reporting the issue.

[Version 2.0.1] - 2020-03-28

Version 2.0 introduced a crash issue while sync is working, this is a hot-fix release.

Special thanks to Nathan Palmer (@nathanpalmer) for reporting and helping.

[Version 2.0] - 2020-03-24

Starting with Core Shell 2.0, in addition to Bash integration, file transferring now also supports Zsh.

To enable Zsh integration on your host, first log out and then log back in the host, then select Shell > Enable Reporting Current Working Directory from main menu.


  • Add Zsh support for file transferring (@henderea)
  • A new preference to disable thin strokes for text rendering (@mrmsdbdl)
  • Report Core Helper version in connection log
  • Add Alex Bartl (@alexbartl), Amir (@mrmsdbdl), Eric Henderson (@henderea), Roger (@rogerk) to special thanks


  • Responsive Ctrl-C (aka. interrupt signal) – 6x faster than previous releases (@alexbartl, @rogerk)
  • Local shell now uses systemwide caches directory, this improves interoperability with other system apps like
  • Other internal design improvements


  • Minor bug fixes
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