Core Shell 1.4.8 – Favicon


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Core Shell 1.4.8 is here with favicons. Favicons are small icons that represent hosts, appear in tabs and host list.


  • Icons in Tabs. Enable in host settings to identify tabs visually with favicons
  • Add Solarized Light (default) and Solarized Dark (for Dark mode on macOS Mojave) color schemes (@zhenLEE)
  • Add tooltips for tabs
  • Add zhenLEE(@zhenLEE) to special thanks


  • Silent "AppleScript requires premium" alert


  • Fix a crash issue when closing multiple tabs by clicking windows's top-left Close button
  • Clicking on Dock icon sometimes does not bring host list window on top (@zhenLEE)
  • Fix: log incomplete on connection failure
  • Other minor bug fixes

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