Core Sell crashes on catting a particular binary file

accidentally cat some-binary-file reproducibly crashes Core Shell (at least with the same binary)
If you need the binary file to reproduce the crash, let me know some private channel to transfer it (confidential content)
Core Shell-2021-12-28-153701.ips (19.8 KB)
Core Shell-2021-12-28-153433.ips (20.3 KB)
Core Shell-2021-12-28-153602.ips (19.8 KB)

Hi Alex, thank you very much for reporting the issue. I believe this is the same problem as the one reported here:

Both reports trigger same crashes log. I've planed to add safeguard for data parser to protect app from crashes, will update this thread once we make progress on it.

Thank you very much,


That pretty much hits the spot. And yes, data plausibility safeguard is a good idea!
Lg Alex