Conversion from App Store - Premium License was there ... now is gone

I had the App Store version. Verified the Premium license was there.
Download and installed the Codinn Store version.
Verified that the Premium License was there with a valid thru date 1 year out.
All good

Hours later, the license has disappeared. :roll_eyes:

How do I get the license back? Reinstall the App store version?


I'm sorry about this issue, please try reinstall the App Store version, verify the Premium license and reinstall Codinn Store version again.

Please let me know if you keep losing Premium license.

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I have a similar problem with the license, before updating version from AppStore, everything worked fine on two devices, after installing version from Codeinn Store and removing version from AppStore, the license only works on one device, and it makes no sense, since I cannot synchronize between devices like I did before (keeping two versions of the application seems strange to me) What should I do?

Ah, I see what is happening .....

Machine #1
I reinstalled App Store version and verified license.
Installed Codinn Store version and license was good.

Machine #2
I then performed same operation on my second machine. Doing so blew away the license on Machine #1. The license appears to be sticking on Machine #2.

So, that matches the behavior the other poster observed. The license only works for a single device, not multiple as it did previously.

@priller @Yuriy Please update Core Shell to the latest version 3.6.7 (BB210) on your Mac computers, select Updates > Check for Updates, an upgrade dialog should prompt you a new version.


The same problem with the new version, I updated on both devices, then installed the version from AppStore, license was updated on both, then I deleted version from AppStore from one machine, then from other, license remained on the last one, and license disappeared from the first one

Thank you for feedback, I've found the real cause, will make an update release soon.

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Also version number is strange after last update

Please do update again, the latest version (3.8.7) should have fixed issue. After Core Shell on both Mac upgraded, first launch the app on machine which has valid App Store Premium License, wait some minutes to allow license data synced, then launch the app on the other machine.

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Looks good now. License sticking on both machines.

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