ControlMaster connections appear UP after resume but are not

When using ControlMaster and ControlPath for bastion connections when I resume from sleep Core Tunnels shows my connections as green and up but using said connections fails.

Taking a look with cmc shows that the connection is stale:

    WARNING: Stale ControlMaster connection socket
         Removing: /Users/xxxxx/.ssh/sockets/

Manually disconnecting and reconnecting the tunnel fixes the issue, but it's manual not automatic. Better handling for stale connections upon resume from sleep would be nice.

@bmorgenthaler I'm extremely sorry about this post slipped past us :frowning:

The practice of ControlMaster can be very tricky, does your master connection was handled by Core Tunnel? If true, then change ServerAliveInterval and ServerAliveCountMax to a smaller value should make Core Tunnel detect stale connection rapidly.