Changing/Setting Tab Names


Would it be possible to specify the tab title inside of the server configuration? Or make it just use the host name?

Problem is at work we dont use host names on servers and when connected to multiple clients its hard to tell which is which as they are just displayed as IPs.

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I like the idea of being able to edit the tab title, but I think it would be important to have it default to the FQDN. Lots of servers I SSH to share the hostname www!

Why not make that an option? Show FQDN or just the hostname. For internal hosts in your network it usually just adds the same DN to all hostnames. Where I work we have thousands of internal hosts;-)

@jcbjoe @bart.busschots @mikael.fransson Sorry for late, I were on vocation last week.

I personally prefer the idea of customizable tab title, it's the ultimate solution – the title default to the descriptive name of the host, and you can change it to whatever you'd like, FQDN, hostname or an internal code name.


Core Shell 1.8 added a new user preference allows always use host descriptive names as tab titles. You can find it in Preferences… > Tabs.

Enmmm, yes, I changed my mind. I tried adding an input field for customizable tab title, but soon discovered it’s unnecessary since the host’s descriptive names already there, add a new text field going to mess up.

This new setting is not host specific, it’s a global user preference, and will affect all host.