Cant import keys

Hi, in Settings -> Identity -> "+" I get

The open file operation failed.
The open file operation failed to connect to the open and save panel service.

Then after selecting a file it doesnt show up in Identities and the whole settings panel becomes unusable.


The open file dialog is popped by Powerbox (aka. the the open and save panel service, a sandbox security technology) of macOS, not by Core Shell.

It's very likely an issue of Mac (or macOS), please first try rest the SMC of your Mac:

  • For Mac with Apple Silicon, shut down your computer, wait 5 minutes, then power on the computer.
  • For other Mac computers, see the Apple Support article How to reset the SMC of your Mac .

If the issue continues after SMC reset, then the "sandbox" folders of Core Shell may be corrupted, please take these steps to delete the Core Shell "sandbox" folders.

  1. Back up this folder:
~/Library/Containers/\ Support/
  1. Delete folder ~/Library/Containers/, deleting the whole sandbox will cause it to be rebuilt automatically.

  2. Restart the computer. Launch Core Shell and test. If the problem is resolved, you may have to recreate some of your Core Shell settings.

  3. Quit Core Shell, and restore contents you previously backed up back to:

~/Library/Containers/\ Support/

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Not sure if the original reporter is on the Monterey Beta, but this definitely happens on the latest beta across multiple macs. Deleting the folder doesn't seem to make any difference. Looks like several other apps have ran into this same issue with Monterey.

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@sfd9dsfhsdfi9sd8f989 What type of key are you importing? If you still could not make it to work, there is a workaround:

  • For private keys, copy the keys to this folder:
    ~/Library/Group\ Containers/
  • And for certificates, copy to this folder:
    ~/Library/Group\ Containers/

Relaunch Core Shell, you should see the keys in list.

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Manually copying the key and restarting the app got the job done.

In my case I wanted to stop using the helper (for security and also
updates block the app), so I also had to:

  • manually assign the key to a connection

Yes I'm on Monterey Beta.