Can't buy premium subscription (app store error)

(Alexander Panko) #1

Every time i try to buy premium,in the end i getting “You purchase cannot be completed” error.
I’ve tried 2 different apple id (russian & german) with no luck.


(Yang.Y) #2

I’m sorry for the problem, I did a quick test, and seemed everything works. From the screenshot, it’s very like a problem of Apple’s purchasing platform in your country.

Could you please follow the link in screenshot and ask Apple for support?

(Yang.Y) #3

BTW, sometimes a system reboot can fixed problem magically.

(Alexander Panko) #4

I did it several times, same error happens again and again. I’ve contacted apple support, let’s see.

(Yang.Y) #5

Great, please update thread if you get response from Apple.

(Alexander Panko) #6

But for me it looks like app bug, because most of the time if i click buy subscription in app dialoog window, app (dialog window) just freezes, i can quit app, but all buttons in dialog window just disabled and nothing happens. I can provide console logs if you want.

(Alexander Panko) #7

And only after reboot i can proceed and get error.

(Yang.Y) #8

Could you please take a look at this article:

Though the article is iOS specific, the solution might similar.

(Alexander Panko) #9

It’s amazing, i’ve have bought subscription from another absolutely same macbook, then i’ve restored it on my macbook.

(Yang.Y) #10

That’s great :smiley: thanks a lot for purchasing!

Did you get response from Apple?

(Alexander Panko) #11

Not yet, they promise me to investigate that problem, and for now just suggested to reboot)

(Ben Hood) #12

I got exactly the same error message when trying to purchase the subscription - a reboot did not help. So I’ve raised a ticket with Apple.

(Yang.Y) #13

I’ve sent you a code to enable premium features, please feedback here if you receive response from Apple, thank you!