Automatic start of core tunnel as tray icon

I just moved from iDig to CoreTunnel and, although I miss a triggered start of a tunnel, it is a really nice app and might be able to replace the beloved iDig. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a way to automatically start the app as a tray icon. When adding as an autostart in the user preferences, then the app start with the main window open (annoying). Is there a way to start only with the tray icon active (or to suppress the main window)?
If not, this would be a great feature!
Thanks and best wishes

By tray do you mean menu bar at the top?
There's an option in preferences to set it as a menu bar icon.

I don't see the main window when it opens at startup though.

Yes, I mean the menu bar. And I have also set the option "menu bar icon". But when login/ new start of the OS, then the main window also pops up.

Thanks a lot for issue reporting, will investigate it ASAP.

I did some tests, but could not reproduce this issue. Could you please change the "Show as:" option to "Dock icon", and then change back to "Menu bar icon"?

Thanks for checking this. I have tried what you suggested, but it did not help. I even tested with logout/login between these steps. It is really annoying that the window shows up every time when I login.

Are you using Basic (non-Premium) version?

Yes, it is the non-premium version. I’m still testing it. As long as I’m not fully satisfied with it, I’m still concerned with this app. Sorry.

I fully understand that. I was testing on Premium version, and that is the reason why I could not reproduce it, since it is a Basic only issue.

Thanks a lot for reporting this bug, and I'll fix it in next update.

This bug was fixed in Core Tunnel 1.7, thank you again for reporting.

Thanks! Now it is working, indeed!