Automatic start of core tunnel as tray icon



I just moved from iDig to CoreTunnel and, although I miss a triggered start of a tunnel, it is a really nice app and might be able to replace the beloved iDig. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a way to automatically start the app as a tray icon. When adding as an autostart in the user preferences, then the app start with the main window open (annoying). Is there a way to start only with the tray icon active (or to suppress the main window)?
If not, this would be a great feature!
Thanks and best wishes

(adie b) #2

By tray do you mean menu bar at the top?
There's an option in preferences to set it as a menu bar icon.

I don't see the main window when it opens at startup though.


Yes, I mean the menu bar. And I have also set the option "menu bar icon". But when login/ new start of the OS, then the main window also pops up.

(Yang.Y) #4

Thanks a lot for issue reporting, will investigate it ASAP.