Auto-reconnect on disconnect

CoreSSH would automatically try to re-connect when it lost its connection, and that was a really useful feature. CoreShell is not behaving in the same way for me. I've had a look in the settings and I can't seem to find a way to enable this behaviour. Maybe I'm missing something?

The most typical use case is when I need to re-boot a server to apply security updates. It's great to be able to use my SSH window to see when the server is back instead of having to switch to Terminal, ping, and then create a whole new connection when it is back.

Core Shell is designed to auto re-connect after a disconnection, Could you please take a screenshot of the terminal window?

All my windows just sit there like that for ever.

That's unusual, what's the value of the Retry Attempts option?

Hi Yang,

The retry attempts are on 999 exactly like your screenshot above.

I don't know if it might be relevant or not, but all of my server definitions were imported from SSH Shell.


Core Shell only tries to reconnect if it's disconnected abnormally. But if you close the connection through command exit or shutdown, the remote server tells Core Shell that it's a normal exit.

Core Shell has no idea whether the disconnection is caused by a "exit" signal or a system reboot. I acknowledge that this is a common usage scenario, suggestions are welcome :smiley:

How about a tickbox labelled something like "Auto-reconnect on all disconnects" in the General pane of the app's Preferences window?

Perhaps the reverse language would be clearer?

"Only reconnect on abnormal disconnects"

Another good option would be a reconnect button somewhere on the window that disconnected in a non-abnormal way?

Typing "shutdown -r now" and then being given a button to re-connect right in the window would be a LOT less effort than having to open a whole new window, search for the server name, then connect.

Thanks a lot for the inspirations, we will implement this feature for sure.

And I find an alternate way, press Command + D to duplicate a new shell, and that shell will try reconnecting.

It's not perfect, but lesser steps than your current way.

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