API for Core Shell?


(Diego Carrasco Gubernatis) #1

Hi! Thank you for this great app. I was wondering if there is any way to add a new host externally (for example from a Python Script).

I'm working on a small script in Python to automate some tasks in servers and would like to add a new host to Core Shell from the script. Is or will this be possible?


(Yang.Y) #2

No plan to support creating host from command line nor via AppleScript in the present. May I ask why you need to create host from script?


(Diego Carrasco Gubernatis) #3

Hi! Thank you for your fast answer.
I'm automating some stuff for (Wordpress) websites creation using wp-cli and my host's API. Their API allows me to add ssh credentials to each site, which I can access using their API and I thought it would be faster to add a host to core ssh each time I create a new site automatically. Because of that I wanted to know if it was possible or if I should think another way to do something similar. (I'll have to think something else).


(Yang.Y) #4

Thanks for the explanation, here I've another question, OpenSSH has lots of options, which options you might use when creating a host?

(Diego Carrasco Gubernatis) #5

From Core Shell: Name, tag, Host (IP), User, Private Key (and maybe password if Key is not available). At the moment all the other default Core Shell setting are ok for me.

(Yang.Y) #6

We will add support for creating host via AppleScript, hopefully in next release.

(Diego Carrasco Gubernatis) #7

Wow! Great! Thanks!