API for Core Shell?

Hi! Thank you for this great app. I was wondering if there is any way to add a new host externally (for example from a Python Script).

I'm working on a small script in Python to automate some tasks in servers and would like to add a new host to Core Shell from the script. Is or will this be possible?


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No plan to support creating host from command line nor via AppleScript in the present. May I ask why you need to create host from script?


Hi! Thank you for your fast answer.
I'm automating some stuff for (Wordpress) websites creation using wp-cli and my host's API. Their API allows me to add ssh credentials to each site, which I can access using their API and I thought it would be faster to add a host to core ssh each time I create a new site automatically. Because of that I wanted to know if it was possible or if I should think another way to do something similar. (I'll have to think something else).


Thanks for the explanation, here I've another question, OpenSSH has lots of options, which options you might use when creating a host?

From Core Shell: Name, tag, Host (IP), User, Private Key (and maybe password if Key is not available). At the moment all the other default Core Shell setting are ok for me.

We will add support for creating host via AppleScript, hopefully in next release.

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Wow! Great! Thanks!

You can do the host creation with Core Shell 1.7 now, use the AppleScript command set myHost to create host with name.

I've updated an example in this post:

Thanks a lot for the suggestion!