Any way to make "download file" work inside tmux?


(Alex Malinovich) #1

I just enabled the remote directory reporting functionality to get the download functionality working, but it doesn't work when I'm inside tmux which is always. Is there any workaround that I can use or am I just stuck?

(Yang.Y) #2

Could you please run this command in tmux and see if transfer works after command executed?

source ~/.bashrc_Core_Shell

(Alex Malinovich) #3

I did a bit more research and found out that the problem is that tmux is receiving the \7; escape sequence and not passing it through to the terminal. I was able to fix it by wrapping the entire thing within a tmux escape sequence instead. I don't know that it makes sense to update .bashrc_Core_Shell just for this, but if anyone else runs into a similar problem here is the updated printf I used:

printf '\ePtmux;\e\e]7;%s\a\e\\' "file://$HOSTNAME$url_path"

(Yang.Y) #4

Alex, thank you so much for the clue. Since tmux sets $TMUX environment variable, I think we can change the printf line to this:

if [ -n "$TMUX" ]; then
    printf '\ePtmux;\e\e]7;%s\a\e\\' "file://$HOSTNAME$url_path"
    printf '\e]7;%s\a' "file://$HOSTNAME$url_path"

Above code works for me, could you please do a test on your host? I would like to push the change if it also works for you.

(Alex Malinovich) #5

Just tested it and it works for me as well.

One other suggestion would be to also update the code that gets added to .bash_profile to test for either SSH_AUTH_SOCK or SSH_CONNECTION. When connecting into an already established tmux session you often won't have an SSH_TTY set so .bashrc_Core_Shell will never get sourced.

(Yang.Y) #6

With version 1.6.2, the code that gets added to .bash_profile would test SSH_CONNECTION as well as SSH_TTY. Thanks a lot for the suggestions!