After I upgraded to MacOS Ventura, I can no longer use the SSH Proxy

After I upgraded to MacOS Ventura, I can no longer use the SSH Proxy. Is there any good solution for SSH Proxy on MacOS Vendura?
I can also use the core tunnel instead of SSH proxy, but the core tunnel doesn't have a whitelist/blacklist.
If I use Core Tunnel, I think it's better to have whitelisting/blacklisting, so that I can set the socks proxy to always open in the system settings, so that it is easier to browse the Internet.
I am searching for a long time on net. But no use. Please help or try to give some ideas how to achieve this.
Thanks in advance.

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You can do this in Firefox using an add-on,

I tried this and if I wanted to use it at the system level, he also had no way to set up a blacklist whitelist

Didn't fix it, I've been looking for a solution, but none of it works


same same problem

Finally I was able to find a work-around when the developers cannot fix the simple UI issue :joy:

Here are the steps:

  1. Install the app Touché so you can simulate the Touch Bar: Touché - Touch bar for Everyone
  2. Using SSH Proxy normally. When connecting to the new server, it will ask you to trust the new server in the Touch Bar (in order to add that server to the app's known_hosts)
  3. Click on Trust, and voila. Now it works!

Tested on Macos Ventura and MacOS Sonoma. I only wish that Mr. Yang can spend just a little time to fix this UI issue so we don't have to do this workaround, and build a Apple Silicon build. Or just open-source it, we will fix it for you.

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Wow, good solusion, it worked for me.
This problem has troubled me for long time.