Advanced settings – SSH Tunnel

Tunneling through a Proxy Server

Instead of using ssh as a SOCKS proxy, it is possible to tunnel the SSH protocol itself over a HTTP/SOCKS proxy.

OpenSSH provides a option named ProxyCommand, this option can be used to enable transparent access to a host while behind the scenes tunneling through another host.

SSH Tunnel makes it easier for you to do the same:

Choose the correct proxy type, and point to the proxy address, also type username and password if proxy server requires.

Tunneling through another Tunnel

SSH Tunnel allows you establish a tunnel hop over another tunnel (at least one Dynamic Port Forwarding configured):

  1. Create a tunnel A and at least one Dynamic Port Forwarding configured, for example, set the forwarding port to 7070
  2. Create another tunnel B, enabling "Tunneling over a proxy server" option, and select "SOCKS" at "Proxy type:", with server address "" and port number "7070"
  3. Make sure tunnel A ahead of tunnel B in the tunnel list pane, thus tunnel A will be established prior to tunnel B
  4. Click "Turn All On" button at toolbar of main window


SSH Tunnel provides lots of options which come with OpenSSH:

Click help button next to the option, a small popover box with explanation should appear.

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