Add support for Match Host localnetwork


I've started using a new ssh feature which was added to OpenSSH in version 9.4.
It lets me apply different sets of option depending upon which network I'm connected to.

It looks like this:

Match Host my-host localnetwork
    Port 4242
    HostName 192.168.0..1

Unfortunately Core Tunnel, can't parse this part of the config and won't connect:

The error from the console log:

13:44:39 debug1: Reading configuration data /Users/me/.ssh/config.d/jumphost.config
13:44:39 Unsupported Match attribute localnetwork
13:44:39 /Users/me/.ssh/config.d/jumphost.config line 42: Bad Match condition

Would you consider adding support for this feature?

Hi David, will update OpenSSH contained in Core Tunnel/ Shell to latest version in next release, hopefully it will be released mid-month.

Kindly Regards,


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