Add Proxifier functionality

I am using SSH Tunnel together with Proxifier.
SSH Tunnel to create various tunnels to different to different proxy servers, and Proxifier to decide which traffic to send through which tunnel.

All this is to get around efficiently the GFW (I am expat living in China, very annoyed by the censoring and not satisfied with VPNs, even paid VPNs like ExpressVPN).

In my setup:

  1. Proxifier directs all local China IP addresses directly to the web (=fast access of Chinese Web sites)
  2. Proxifier directs my professional traffic, including backup directly to my company’s VPN (not use SSH tunnels)
  3. Proxifier Direct Netflix into a SSH tunnel to a server I have running in USA to be able to watch Netflix (not very fast, but good enough for watching Netflix in HD)
  4. Proxifier Direct all other traffic into a SSH tunnel to a server I have running in HongKong (fast Internet access without censoring)

This works super well, far better than any VPN, and SSH-Tunnel + Proxifier is a very good combination.
The only dis-advantage is that it needs 2 different softwares working together.

It would be really great if the new SSH-tunnel could integrate some Proxifier functions, so that we could define rules (based on IP addresses or applications) to direct traffic through one or the other SSH tunnel (or direct without SSH tunnel)

I think that this would make a great and useful software

Any comments?

Add Proxifier’s abilities will bloat Core Tunnel, make it complicate for users that do not need those features.

But I’m open to consider it in Core Proxy, can we discuss it by then?

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