Accidentaly brought Core Tunnel, but wanted Core Shell


(Valentin Rudikov) #1

Hi, as i said i installed both apps. Opened Core Shell and wanted to buy it, and actually bought it. But when I realized what app I've used - it was Core Tunnel. Can you migrate my license to Core Shell, plz

(Yang.Y) #2

The apps selling on App Store are controlled by Apple, developers have no permission to revoke a purchase. So I can't help you with that, you must contact Apple for support, please check this post to get a refund from Apple:

(Valentin Rudikov) #3

Well, thanks, anyway. Will try to do that

(Valentin Rudikov) #4

Is I'm right that license for Core Shell contains license for Core Tunnel?

(Yang.Y) #5

No, I'm sorry, that's a typo-, will fix it in next update.