Access to EC2-instance over Bastion Host

Until now I used another product to access our EC2-Instances on AWS. For this I specified "key forwarding" and after accessing the bastion host, I was able to perform ssh to the desired instance.
I would like to do the same with Core Shell (or even better, direct click!!) but I was not able to correctly configure it, after many trials to get the right "advanced" configuration.
Is there anywhere documentation or anywhere is able to point me in the right direction?

Core Shell supports almost everything you can tell in OpenSSH, includes agent forwarding and ProxyJump over bastion host.

Could you please post screenshots of current configuration in "another product"? Or the raw ssh command line you use in Terminal, so that I can translate into Core Shell configuration.

Dear Community,

I use vSSH and this is the configuration of the connection:


Giovanni Baruzzi

Hi Giovanni, I noticed that "Key forwarding" option was checked, but it seems the development of vSSH has been terminated, I could not find any related documentation, nor can I find an authorized download link.

I guess it might be equivalent of ForwardAgent, please correct me if I was wrong.

Generally, ForwardAgent is used conjunct with ProxyJump, I can't find jump host configuration in the screenshot, and may I ask what options in "Avanzate" tab?



I have similar requirement, Im unable to get it working after multiple attempts.