How to change the theme of Core Shell


(Robin Wen) #1

The default theme does not seem to be friendly for reading. I wonder how to change the default theme of Core Shell.

(Yang.Y) #2

More color schemes are on the way, and will be available soon with next update release.

(Robin Wen) #3

OK, thanks. When will the next version be released?

(Yang.Y) #4

By the middle of this month, I hope :slight_smile:

(Yang.Y) #5

Core Shell 1.4 has eight color schemes built in, and the visibility of colorful text has been improved.

(Eric Henderson) #6

Is there going to be any chance of a completely customizable theme option? I have a nice iTerm 2 custom theme, and I'd kind of like to use that for Core Shell too.

(Yang.Y) #7

With Core Shell version 1.7, profiles are supported, please take a look at this post:

(Yang.Y) closed #8